Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Robert Imhoff for (ISC)2 Board of Directors


I am running for a seat on the (ISC)2 Board of Directors.  To support this initiative, please help by nominating me for a spot on the ticket this Fall!

To achieve this goal, I will require 500 nominations from my peers - all certifications offered by (ISC)2 accepted.

Ready to help?  Great!  Here is what to do:
  1. Compose an email from email address on file with (ISC)2
  2. TO: hackajar@gmail.com
  3. Subject: I Nominate Robert Imhoff for (ISC)2 Board of Directors
  4. Body: Insert your full name as it is on file with (ISC)2 and you exact Certification Number
  5. Send it away!  I will respond promptly when it is received!
  6. Follow me @hackajar on twitter
  7. Spread the word! Link other (ISC)2 Members to this post and encourage them to nominate me!

What is the problem with current Board of Directors?

The current impression of Information Security professionals with (ISC)2 certifications is very poor.  So called "serious" security professionals and hackers consider these certifications laughable.  While on the "enterprise" side, questions are being raised about the value of these certifications over SANS and ISACA ones.  It has been four long years of mediocre handling of the situation that has driven these important certifications into just "a checkbox for recruiters".

The current board seems to be focusing more on assisting professionals with CPE credits, vendor based webcasts, and growing local chapters, but not focusing at all on the "brand" of having a CISSP, SSCP or other certification.  While all of these areas are important to an organization, they: 1) Mean nothing if the certification is rendered pointless 2) Create a sense of isolationism mixed with a "Them and Us" culture of those with (ISC)2 certifications, and those without.

Who am I to solve this problem?

After spending 13 years working in Information Security field in all aspects and industry verticals, simply put, I have the diverse background to give (ISC)2 what it desperately needs: the collective knowledge of its members.  Without making this too much of a resume, here are some key highlights to my strong position:
  • 5 Years of programming experience
  • Top Secret clearance working with the NNSA
  • Published research in Credit Card Fraud and GPU Password Cracking
  • Experience in Fortune 500, Semiconductor, Networking, Hardware, Software and Start-Up companies
  • Co-Founder of the largest independent fundraising body for the Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Co-Founder of the only Information Security member of NCWIT

What is the Platform?

Push forward a three-point plan to enhance the value of certifications maintained and issued by (ISC)2:
  1. Require partial re-testing of all members who have a certificate in good standing every 6 years.
  2. Require more transparent view of how money is spent by (ISC)2; force organization to either draw down overfunded accounts through industry benefiting programs, or lower yearly dues to members.
  3. Require (ISC)2 to design better recognition system for community members that create positive change for Information Security; ensure a better system is in place to report members that deviate from Code of Ethics.

About me and (ISC)2:

Member Name: Robert Imhoff-Dousharm
(ISC)2 CISSP Number: 112747
Member Since: June 30, 2007
Member Exp: June 30, 2016
Member Email: hackajar@gmail.com

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  1. I, for one, welcome the ISC(2)'s new human overlords....